planning a family vacation and choosing the hotel

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planning a family vacation and choosing the hotel

Where are you planning on going this summer? Do you have big plans to take the family away for a nice vacation? If so, do you know what hotel you will be staying at? If not, it is time to begin looking into that right now. On my site, you will find several tips that can help you pick and choose the best hotel for your family. You will learn what amenities are truly enjoyed by families and what are simply not really used. You can learn a few ways to save on the cost of the hotel and the entertainment while you are away.


3 Benefits Of Renting An Apartment For Long-Term Travel

If you're like most people, you want to spend your vacation time somewhere exciting, peaceful and great for the kids all at the same time. Destinations such as ski resorts, the beach and amusement parks can be all of these things. Choosing your accommodations while on vacation can be a bit cumbersome, because there are so many available.

However, there are benefits to renting an apartment for the week or two that you'll be in the area. This guide explains three of those benefits:

Benefit #1: Quieter Surroundings

Although it might be somewhat difficult to find accommodations in a perfectly quiet area, apartment rentals offer somewhat quieter accommodations than hotels or motels. Apartment walls typically contain more insulation, making them more soundproof than hotel walls. Here are a few of the things you won't hear in an apartment:

  • the neighbors' televisions
  • vehicles constantly coming and going
  • children running up and down the hall

Benefit #2: More Comfortable Accommodations

If you're headed to the beach or a ski resort for more than a couple days with your family, you might get a little cramped in a hotel that has a couple of beds, one bathroom and one television. However, an apartment rental offers these comfort amenities:

  • one, two or three bedrooms
  • two or more bathrooms
  • pool/fitness center
  • grill
  • larger patio
  • full kitchen
  • living room/dining room

Having this space for your family to spread out can mean the difference between cramped accommodations, which makes the kids cranky, and a comfortable, homelike feel.

Benefit #3: Less Expensive Vacation Costs

It's not uncommon to think that renting an entire apartment is more expensive than staying in a hotel. It's a misconception that many have. It really depends on what your budget is. If you look hard enough, you can find an apartment to rent for about the same as you would pay for a lavish hotel, and in some vacation areas, they can be less expensive.

Because you have a kitchen, you'll save money on your vacation budget because you have the option of cooking at least one or two of your meals in the privacy of your rental. Food money for vacation alone can cost you a lot money over the course of your stay. The average vacation food budget, just for you and your significant other can be upwards of $80 per day, and that doesn't include the kids.

In most hotels, you'll need to pay a surcharge for amenities such as WiFi. If you rent an apartment, this service is free. This can save you a lot of money, depending on how long you're staying.

Check out some vacation rentals in the area you're planning your next vacation. You may just find one that's perfect for your family so that you'll feel comfortable in your home away from home. To learn more, contact a company such as Dale Forest Apartments with any questions or concerns you have.